Free Consultation

Please get in touch to arrange a review of the musical activities in your school or workplace to look at new things that could be done to increase the uptake of arts and improve performance and concentration skills.

Instrumental workshops

This session builds upon the musical skills and existing instruments you may have in your school, it can take the form of a percussion workshop, establishing a school orchestra or band or introducing a smaller group to a specific type of instrument. 

2 hour Vocal Performance Workshop

A vocal workshop for staff or students to learn to sing as a choir. This can increase concentration and boost the confidence of everyone that takes part.

Try an Instrument

Enthuse your students to take up music...  I will bring a number of classical instruments, introduce them, play them and allow the children to handle them and have a go. When children realise they too can play these instruments great things can happen. This workshop can be followed up with the opportunity to sign up for instrumental tuition at the school.